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Adv. David David, has been a practicing law since 2000.
Adv. David, is a graduate of the University of Haifa, and holds a degrees in Law and Economics.
In the past, as part of his work as an employee, Adv. David represented local authorities and banks.
Adv. David currently provides legal services to the private sector and to other business clients in the civil and commercial fields mainly in Netanya and the surrounding area.

The main areas of practice today are Real estate, Labor law and Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy : Adv. David  has previously been appointed by the court in bankruptcy and receivership proceedings. In addition, Advocate David represented and represents many debtors in bankruptcy proceedings, helping debtors open a new page in their lives. In the framework of the representation in bankruptcy, Adv. David also represents creditors in front of their debtors who have entered into bankruptcy proceedings and for the purpose of collecting debts.
Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation
Adv. David also represents under the New Israeli  Act of Bankruptcy Law - Insolvency and Rehabilitation Law.

Real Estate law Adv. David specializes in real estate transactions, and handling complex real estate transactions, in cases of foreclosures, or when the rights in the asset have not been transferred for many years and when there is no appropriate paperwork.
Other areas of representation in Real Estate filed includes renting properties for foreign residents, lease and rent agreements, and other Real Estate claims for  such as : intruders, tenant protection laws Etc.
Adv. Also specializes in the complex Israeli Land Taxes.  

Labor law : Adv. David has extensive experience in representing employees in the field of labor law. Claims for unlawful dismissal, such as in the case of dismissal during pregnancy or for discrimination based on age, sex, religion and dismissal in bad faith without a hearing, and in cases of Sexual harassment in the workplace and in general. Adv. David has helped many employees stand up for their rights and receive what they are entitled to by law, in claims for severance pay, overtime, vacation, convalescence and pension.

Corporate Law : Adv. David provides services of establishing companies and accompanying companies in everything related to ongoing consulting, drafting agreements with employees and subcontractors. We also provide a service of liquidation of companies to inactive companies, as well as representation of shareholders in various disputes.

Guardianship and continuing power of attorneyAdv. David David is certified by the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of preparing ongoing / continuous power of attorneys, and provides legal advice and assistance in the field of appointing a guardian for the body and / or property, all according to the new Israeli Legal competency and Guardianship law By the new Israeli Legal competency and Guardianship law, any person can prepare himself to a situation in which he will be unable to take care of his personal, medical and property issues by appointing a power of attorney, especially for this situation.  

Insurance claims and Torts : David also has extensive experience in torts claims - property damage and claims against insurance companies.

Notary services : Adv. David David provides Notary services. Most of the notary services are provided at the office in Netanya, but services are also provided at the client's home, in accordance with the price list set by law.

Inheritage law : In addition, Adv. David advises, accompanies and represents in everything related to inheritance and wills, including drafting wills, submitting Applications for Succession Orders, applications for execution of a will, arrangement between heirs, claim for dissolution of partnership etc.

Adv. David's (lawyer) office is located in Netanya, where notary services are provided.